UJUB mock trials

All the French professional associations and organisations in the field of intellectual property engaged in the success of the Unified Patent Court, founded the Union pour la Juridiction unifiée du brevet (UJUB), presided, since its creation in January 2013, by Thierry Sueur.

The UJUB set up several mock trials to show the new court in action.

1st UJUB Mock Trial 22 May 2014

Judges: Alain Girardet (FR), Dr. Klaus Grabinski (DE), Walter Holzer, TQJ (AT)

Registrar: Dominique Ménard (FR), Deputy Registrar: Jules Fabre (FR)

Claimant’s representative: Michael Burdon (UK)

Defendants’ Representatives: Pierre Véron and Amandine Métier (FR)

This mock trial highlights four issues:


2nd UJUB Mock Trial 2 April 2015

Judges: Colin Birss (UK), Paul Maier (FR), Sophie Canas (FR), Kim Finnila, TQJ  (FI)

Claimant’s representatives:  Martin Köhler (DE) and Axel Casalonga (FR)

Defendant’s Representatives: Grégoire Desrousseaux (FR) and Kay Rupprecht (DE)

This mock trial comprises two oral hearings concerning:

  • the granting of an order to preserve evidence and to inspect the premises (without hearing the defendant)
  • the granting of provisional measures in the form of a preliminary injunction (inter partes hearing)
    4 binder of the case documents
    ·video  3 h 27 min


3rd UJUB Mock Trial   6 June 2016

Presiding judge – judge-rapporteur: Marie Courboulay (FR)

Registrar: Sarah Boucris: (FR)

Claimant’s representatives:  Wouter Pors (NL) and Guillaume de la Bigne (FR)

Defendant’s Representatives: Emmanuel Gougé (FR) and Kevin Cordina (UK)

Script doctor and coordinator: Pierre Véron (FR)

This mock trial focuses on the validity of an “opt-out from the exclusive competence of the Court” (Art. 83 (3) UPC Agreement)

4 binder of the case documents
·video  2 h 15 min


4th UJUB Mock Trial 21 November 2022

This mock trial illustrates the concurrent jurisdiction of the UPC and national courts during the transitional period ; it raises the question whether the patent holder, claimant, may restrict its claims before the UPC, among the territories covered by the patent,to the territory of certain States only  (“carve out”); as to the substance of the case, the dispute is about the alleged lack of novelty in view of a disclosure of the invention by the inventor prior to the filing of the patent and to the issue of indirect infringement by supplying “essential means” for putting the invention into effect; it includes the deposition of a witness.

Judges: Dr Klaus Grabinski (DE), Camille Lignières (FR), Patrik Rydman, TQJ (SE)

Clerk: Margaux Grondein (FR)

Claimants’ representatives  Mr Jean-Hyacinthe de Mitry (Gide Loyrette Nouel), Mr Pierre-Yves Demaure (Atout PI Laplace), Ms Mathilde Rauline (Sanofi) (FR)

Defendant’s representatives:  Ms Pauline Debré (Linklaters), Mr Oliver Tischner (Lavoix), Mr François Rivière (L’Oréal) (FR)

Witness: Mr Philippe Bessière Pierre Fabre (FR)

Script doctor and coordinator : Pierre Véron (FR)

4 binder of the case documents

·video  4 h 03 min